Any time
Hott 95.3 Anniversary Bus Crawl
Sunday, 1st December at 19:00
Independence Square, Bridgetown
Tickets from BBD50.00 + booking fees
A Christmas to Remember
Saturday, 14th December at 14:00
The Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Garrison
Tickets from BBD10.00 + booking fees
Sip & Sail - A Sip Dibbier
Saturday, 21st December at 22:00
Success with Raphael Global presents: EMRG 2020
Saturday, 25th January at 18:00
Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre - Bridgetown, Two Mile Hill
Tickets from BBD100.00 + booking fees
Sunday, 26th January at 12:00
M.V. DreamChaser, Bridgetown
Buns Sun & Fun
Sunday, 1st March at 15:00
Jolly Roger, Bridgetown
Tickets from BBD65.00 + booking fees
Soca Ignition - Hotter than Ever
Saturday, 13th June at 21:00
Tickets from BBD80.00 + booking fees